Tuesday, April 23, 2013

White "empathy" and Reverse Racism -- What you can do

(Let me preface this: I would love there to be no lines of color. So I will make a promise, that for everyone who promises to read a true story, about a person/people of color, by a person of color. I will read something from the white world with an open mind.)
When someone tells me they have "empathy" for people of color. Part of me wants to punch them in the face and scream. Empathy only further acknowledges the fact that we (yeah, I consider myself a person of color. Albeit, mixed. You don't think so, that's your problem) are oppressed and you're "sorry for that." It does not imply that you genuinely care (I worked customer service, I empathize that you waited too long to return something, but really I don't give a fuck) It's kinda like saying "Yeah, dude, that totally sucks...you wanna go grab some coffee" That's not to say it's not appreciated, but you could do more....if you cared. You could pick up a FUCKING BOOK and read a more accurate history of the NDNs, Blacks, Mexicans, etc. THEN maybe you could truly empathize.
You say that the anger towards the white washed society is reverse racism. Yet, if it actually was racism, it would be just that: Racism. We are angry, we have, for generations, been indoctrinated to believe that we are not quite equal, that we are less than our white brothers and sisters. That's GENERATIONS of pain, and self-worth slaughter. That's anger, not hate. That's anger at an establishment, and maybe a resentment towards a system. That's not burning crosses in white ppls yards, staring at white ppl just bc they're white, following them around in stores for fear they might steal bc they're white, asking to touch THEIR hair, AND I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE ASKED A WHITE PERSON "SO, HOW MUCH WHITE ARE YOU?" Like he/she was a fucking dog. So yeah, we're a little angry, we're a little tired of hearing about the "Great white hope" that does nothing more than PR. We're tired of hearing about all the tragedies white folks go through, while ours remain Ignored. Please turn your "empathy" to "education" Please understand that 50-100million of my brothers and sisters were slaughtered so y'all could have a "home" Understand the black backs your "home" was built on, and then the subsequent ghettos that were established to keep the freed slaves out of your "home" Learn about the false flag Pearl Harbor attack that led to the encampment of our U.S. CITIZENS of Asian descent brothers and sisters. Please learn so your empathy can have substance.

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