Saturday, December 1, 2012

What if?

What if our food was actually still food? What if more of us knew how to grow our own? What if more of us did?
What if our schools didn't have to have bake sales for text books? What if they taught actual history and not the lies that make us look good? What if our schools focused a little more on education, and a little less on discipline? What if our schools encouraged individuality and paid less attention to a blanket method of teaching? What if sports weren't the MAIN focus in a lot of schools?
What if politicians were paid minimum wage? Would that make them more or less honest? Would it give incentive to change or incentive to cheat? What if they were held accountable for their actions the way they expect to hold us? What if they had to wear the camo and go to war in a hot, hostile, foreign land? What if we stopped listening to them? What if we told them no? What if we told them no together?
Never be afraid to ponder, what if?

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