Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who I am

I am unemployed -- I was "done wrong" by my former employer (I'm sure that will be a rant later) -- I was raised to think for myself -- I was raised to question authority, the tv, the newspaper, my own eyes, etc. -- I was raised to stand for my beliefs -- I am a Libra, injustice (on any level) pisses me off -- Corruption (especially overly blatant corruption) pisses me off -- I AM a Ron Paul supporter -- I support Peace AND the troops -- I am a libertarian -- I'm probably on some ridiculous watch-list -- I support the first amendment -- I support love, peace, compassion AND human rights, civil liberties, an educated populace, and everything that is whole and pure, the good AND bad -- I do NOT support greed, nor do I support the "out for #1" mentality -- I truly believe it takes a village to do anything -- I believe in the circle of life and the ripple effect -- I believe in your opinions, I also believe in challenging them, as I hope you challenge mine -- I believe in respect -- I am a jigsaw-ist (rant to follow at a later date) with pagan leanings -- I believe we are only as intelligent as our own ignorance -- I believe together we can overcome our ignorance and take back our lives -- I believe in spreading love; and with that.....I am an unemployed munchkin....and this is my soapbox. I love you and Thank you for stopping by, I hope we can meet again :)
Love and Chaos xoxo

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